Akrotiri BARC Shop

The BARC shop on Akrotiri camp is now located next to the BFBS DTH office, just past the main Forces store.

We are open Monday to Friday 09:30-12:30 subject to volunteer availability (and always looking for volunteers!).

BARC shops stock a wide range of pet products for your cat and dog. From leads to treats, shampoo to bedding, we cover almost all your needs at a discounted rate.

We also have access to a vast array of Trixie products which can be ordered in for you! Go to the Episkopi BARC shop to view the catalogue.

Flea, Tick and Worm

We do have a small selection of flea collars for your dog and cat, however we do not stock any tablet or liquid solutions, eg Frontline, and advise you contact your vets. There is also the risk of sandflies and mosquitoes in Cyprus so we suggest you also contact your vet to seek advice regarding the use of Scalibor collars or Advantix.

Pet  Food

The shops stock BARC branded Grain free Complete and Super Premium hypo-allergenic dog, puppy, senior and cat food, in many different flavours. Our BARC branded food gets restocked every Friday.

Akrotiri BARC Shop Opening

The new BARC shop at Akrotiri opened on February 20th.

The shop is now located next to the BFBS DTH office, just past the main Costcutter. Open Monday to Friday 09:30-12:30 subject to volunteer availability.

The pictures below shop the grand opening of the new shop!

Time to go! Jill Watson removes bunting from the old shop
All the stock had to be moved... ...along with the fittings.
Wing Commander Mike Martin (OC B5W) opened the store for us! Te-daaaaaah!
Plenty of room for stock!  Happy ever after rainbow painted by Melanie Dyke.
 Cakes for open day made by Yvonne.  Everything went perfectly!

New Shelving for new food

We now have new shelving for all our new food at the Aki shop. Please feel free to pop in and take a look. 

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