Kitten Searching For New Home

Beautiful kitten searching for forever homeWe rescued this beautiful kitten from a restaurant in Pissouri after she was rejected by her mother and found half-dead lying close to the road.

9 days on she has gained a good weight and is now 1.3 kg, still very small for her age (about 13 weeks) but improving. Had her first protection injections Monday and booster scheduled for early Jan.

She is amazingly loving and adores her cuddles and brushing, also fully littered trained which is a bonus!

Please please can anyone offer her a home as we cannot keep her with three cranky older rescued cats and one snappy rescued dog!

We will commit to paying for her first years jabs (next one Jan 15) and spaying (sometime middle of Jan I would think once she has more body weight), will donate all food and toys accumulated etc. She has come so far already from the waif that was taking her last few breaths 10 days ago..........

If anybody would like a loving, family pet please call me on 99563660 - I have a pass for the bases and can deliver!