Lucy - Happy Ever After

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Lucy came into BARC on 16 March 2017 as a stray through the SBA.

She quickly captured hearts and went on trial. During this period it was evident that Lucy was not a well dog.

It was decided that she would stay with us until we could find out what was wrong with her. After many tests we discovered that Lucy had a very serious liver disease. Whilst this was going on we had a lovely lady who was prepared to take Lucy on and so she went to her foster home.

Thanks to some very generous donations Lucy went for an operation that would hopefully give her a longer and better quality life. Sadly the situation was worse than first thought and the specialist said there is nothing further to be done other than keep her on a special diet and medication. Through it all Lucy has remained a strong and happy dog who liked nothing better than playing with her foster brother and sister. Lucy was officially adopted by the Dowlen-Gilliland family last week and has joined Timmy and Dottie in a very happy home.

Stay strong Lucy and enjoy your life.