Benny's Happy Ever After

012.croppedBenny's Happy Ever After

We are delighted Benny has found his happy ever after with Wendy Reynolds on 19th August 2015 and after just two months in Barc will be enjoying living in the UK.

Be happy and be a good boy Benny!


Louie's Happy Ever After!

Louie's Happy Ever After!Louie - edit

We are delighted Louie found his happy ever after with the Maughan family on 1st Septebmer 2015.

We wish you the very happiest life.  Have lots of fun and be a good boy!


Alfie's Happy Ever After!

Alfie very happily found his forever home with the Booth family on 23rd October 2015

Be happy and be a good boy Alfie!


Alfie - edit

Toby's Happy Ever After

Toby's Happy Ever After

After coming into BARC through the SBA / Military Vets as a stray on 8th January 2015 we are delighted to say Toby found his happy every after with the Bringhurst Family on 15th June 2015






Maggie's Happy Ever After

Maggie (now Lulu) very happily found her forever home with the Blair family on 6th March 2015.

Lulu will be travelling to the UK soon, be happy and be a good girl Lulu xx